• Return from Nová hoľa possible ONLY in cabin!
  • All tickets (except for single rides on the Nová hoľa cable car) are issued only as chip cards.
  • There is a 2 € deposit on a chip card which will be returned on departure from the resort only on completely functional and undamaged cards.
  • Keep the chip card with you and display on your left side and be prepared to show it when requested by personnel or other authorised controls! Be warned that carrying the chip card in close proximity to mobile phones can lead to the chip card coding be erased and invalidates any repeat free of charge recharging!
    In the event that organised groups are interested in special rides on the TELEMIX Nová hoľa chairlift outside regular operating times the displayed price counts but, there is a minimum 100€ fee for the whole group.

Info link: 048 / 419 9900,
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