BikePark Bike Park Donovaly

Length: 2 100 m
Total elevation gain: 420 m
Start: 1,340 metres above sea level
Finish: 920 metres above sea level

Track characteristics:

  • First section DH single-track (á la Fort William) (prepared hardpack surface)  
  • 1st forest section, lots of roots, cambered faces, 2 jumps, step-up (natural forest surface)  
  • Mega berm + double (prepared hardpack surface)  
  • 2nd forest section, lots of rocks, steepest section of track, rock garden (á la Maribor), mega gap (natural forest surface)  
  • channel (rocky surface)  
  • 3rd forest section (natural forest surface)  
  • Big air (table+gap) (prepared hardpack surface)  
  • Downhill slope - single-track, road gap (prepared hardpack surface)  
  • Final section DH single-track, drop (prepared hardpack surface)
Prices for bike lift on TELEMIX Nová hoľa chairlift:
1 ride – 3.50 €
10 rides – 35.00 € (can be used during the whole summer season up to 1.11.2013)
1 day – 15.00 €

10% discount for EURO<26, GO<26, ISIC and ITIC card holders:
- on whole day ticket for TELEMIX Nová hoľa chairlit
- on "10 ride ticket on TELEMIX Nová hoľa chairlift"
The discount can be used by all holders of the above cards to also take their bicycle on the chairlift with the aim of using the bike park from Nová hoľa.

All types of tickets are issued as chip cards. There is a 2 € deposit on each card that is reimbursed upon return of the used chip card to either the ticket office or the chip card vending machine. The DH track is open daily.


Info link: 048 / 419 9900,
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