• Veľký Šturec
    The circuit starts with a pleasant downhill to the turn off by Hotel Pod Šturcom. Then it’s a pedal to the mountain saddle back Veľký Šturec. A nice downhill through the serpentine turns to Liptovské Revúce where very picturesque surroundings await you, in particular the bird garden on Vyšna. Go through Liptovské Revúce and in Liptovská Osada head back up to Donovaly. 36.4 km
  • Hiadeľské sedlo
    A nice natural circuit with a difficult but pleasant profile. After the start the exit to Hiadeľské sedlo awaits you. From here you get to the former spa town of Korytnica. After a short ride on the main road take a turn to the Žarnovka Valley through which you easily reach the chalet part of Donovaly. 23.6 km
  • Kalište
    This circuit is devoted to the history of the Second World War. Pass through the former mining villages to the Kalište National Cultural Monument. The next part of the trail takes you through the village of Moštenica upon Hiadeľské sedlo, Korytnica and on the main road back up to Donovaly. 33 km
  • Chata na Plešiach
    This circuit is meant for hard core bikers. Along the way stop off at Kalište National Cultural Monument or at the chalet on Plešiach. Refreshments can be taken on Hiadeľské saddle back (sedlo) or from the mineral spring in Korytnica prior to your return to Donovaly. 46 km
  • Podkonice - Moštenica
    Before setting out on this circuit stock up on some serious reserves of endurance. The ride takes you from Donovaly via Kalište, the chalet on Plešiach, Priechod and then all the way to Podkonice. The return leg takes you back to Donovaly via Hiadeľské saddle back (sedlo), Korytnica, Žarnovka Valley (dolina).48 km
  • Slovenská Ľupča - Ľupčiansky Hrad
    A long circuit with the goal of Slovenská Ľupča where there is the town castle. From here you need to head through Podkonice and Moštenica upon Hiadeľské sedlo. Downhill to Korytnica where you can take a well-deserved rest in the grounds of the former spa. The main road takes you back to Donovaly.52 km a

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