• Price list


  • All ski passes with the exception of 8-hour ticket are NON-TRANSFERABLE!
  • Only use ski passes purchased from official sales points in the resorts or purchased online when using transport systems. Tickets obtained or bought from other persons (double use) are invalid and will be BLOCKED!
  • Only evening, 4- and 8-hour (furthermore “hour”), 3- and 6-day ski passes purchased with PARK SNOW Card and season ski passes are valid for evening skiing.
  • All “hour” ski passes become valid when the skier passes a turnstile for the first time (and not from the time of purchase). The validity of said ski pass ceases when the time period for which they were issued elapses or when the ski resort ceases operations for the date issued (excluding 8-hour).
  • An 8 hour selective ticket is valid from its day of purchase until the end of the 2021/2022 ski season. Upon passing a turnstile 1 hour is deducted during which period an unlimited amount of ski runs can be made. After 1 hour has elapsed from the first use on the given day and passing through a turnstile a further time another hour is deducted until all 8 hours issued to 1 chip card have been deducted.
  • Evening skiing tickets on floodlit ski slopes on Záhradište are valid from 4:00 - 9:00 p.m.
  • The validity of the "Endless season pass" is from the first day of the ski season in PARK SNOW Donovaly until 1.11.2022. In the summer season it is valid only on the TELEMIX Nová hoľa ski lift. The ski pass is non-transferable, it can be used only by the person in whose name it is issued. At each passage through the turnstile, the identity of the customer is verified by a photo check!
  • No multi-day ski passes are sold in the period up to 25.12.2021.
  • No replacement ski pass will be offered in the event of loss or left behind ski pass.
  • No additional exchange, extension or amendment to ski pass validity is possible.
  • No refund or ski pass extension is provided in the event of bad weather, interrupted operations, avalanche danger, blocked downhill runs or earlier departure.
  • Clients found with no ticket or without a valid ticket will be fined to the value of a one-day ski pass plus an extra 100% fee on top.
  • ATTENTION: It is necessary to submit the relevant medical report from the doctor or from the Mountain Rescue personnel to receive a refund on your ticket. The refund will equal the amount from the time of the injury to the end of validity of the relevant ski pass. Monetary refunds are not paid on “hour” ski passes.
  • When purchasing a multi-day ski pass, the validity of which covers 2 parts of the ski season, the price is not calculated as a mixed ski pass but as the price on the date the ski pass is purchased!
  • Ski pass validity as a rule begins on the day they are issued. By request it is possible without any fee to have a ski pass issued with a defined date of validity in the season. Ski passes are valid during day operating hours from 3:00pm on the day prior to the day when the ski pass becomes valid (e.g. a ticket purchased on Friday for Saturday is valid for use on the Friday from 3:00). Validity of multi-day ski passes is always on consecutive days.
  • All ski passes are issued as chip cards. Deposit on the chip card is € 2. After skiing, the chip cards can be returned at keycard machines or during opening hours to the resort cash desks, to the information centre, at Koliba GORAL, at PATTY SKI school ski, DAMI SPORT and SKI-TI, at Bistro Záhradište and Chata pod Magurou or at chip card machines located around the resort. The deposit will be returned only on UNDAMAGED and fully FUNCTIONAL chip cards!!! We recommend that you keep your chip card and use it to buy ski passes online at https://skipas.parksnow.sk/! Chip card – ski pass – wear it on your left side, even better in a jacket pocket, so it can be easily shown upon demand to our operating personnel. It is not advised to have your chip card near a mobile phone (the coded ski pass type can easily be erased and there is no right to the repeat free of charge reloading of info). It is not necessary to take out the ski pass when going through the turnstile.
  • pozorWARNING, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. the SKI SLOPES are CLOSED!
    There is the risk of injury from snow cannon cables and from the machines preparing the slopes mainly when they have to use cables to move up and down the slopes! (If there is evening skiing on the slopes at Záhradište, access is permitted until 9:15 p.m.).
  • Transport users are bound to adhere to the conditions set out in the transport regulations, price list, White Codex and respect the instructions of the operator’s authorised personnel. A contract of carriage is concluded when the user applies their right to carriage upon purchasing a transport ticket and enters the transport facility or enters the entry or exit areas – accessible only with a valid travel document. Upon concluding this contract, the user confirms that they have acquainted themselves with the transport regulations, price list and White Codex.
  • Please monitor real-time announcements displayed at ski pass purchase points and when entering transport systems in the resort.
  • The operator has the right to change prices and operation times of lifts.