Bezecke trate

1. Donovaly - Šachtička  
marked length 14,1 km
total vertical gain 250/320 m
difficulty medium

The route starts at the hiking trails orientation in Donovaly and then climbs on a prepared ski trail to the village of Polianka. In Polianka there is crossroads of ski trails. The green ski trail continues up a slight incline through a beautiful forest. It eventually leaves the forest onto a meadow from where there are beautiful views in good weather of mainly the Great Fatras. It then alternates between slight descents and mild gradients up to the Žliabkar site (Izbica). Here you can see how the Špania Dolina waterfall once looked like and while there take a break at the rest stop. After leaving for Žliabkar the takes a steeper climb and then follows rolling terrain to the Horný Šturec saddle. The trail then takes a sharp left and continues until the crossroads with another yellow ski trail. Šachtička is only a few hundred metres from here and there the trail ends.

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2. Polianka circuit  
marked length 2,8 km
total vertical gain 60/80 m
difficulty easy

The trail begins at the intersection of ski trails in the village of Polianka. The route forms a circle, and so it is possible to go in either direction. It is also an easy trail for novice cross-country skiers.

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3. Močiare circuit  
marked length 5,9 km
total vertical gain 180/200 m
difficulty easy

The trail begins at the intersection of three ski trails and forms a circuit which is possible to go in either direction. Part of the trail runs parallel with the green Donovaly - Šachtička ski trail. It passes through a beautiful landscape of forests and meadows, from where there are magnificent views. It is also suitable for less experienced skiers, but you should give yourself more time to complete it.

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4. Šachtička - Izbica  
marked length 6,5 km
total vertical gain 60/50 m
difficulty easy

The trail begins at a place above Šachtička at the intersection with the green ski trail leading to Donovaly. This gives an alternative route to the green trail and goes beneath the Jelenska Rock. From Šachtička it continues to Dolný Šturec saddle where the ski marking can be found. The Dolný Šturec trail goes beneath the Jelenska Rock and then above the former guerrilla bunker of Mor Ho! to Žliabkar (Izbica), where it once again joins the green ski trail on which it started. The entire trail follows an educational, nature trail, and weather permitting there are beautiful views of the Great Fatras. This trail is not yet marked, but it is prepared. Only the intersections are marked.

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