Ski passes - faster, more convenient and cheaper

Each year, ski resorts prepare various novelties and improvements for their visitors, and the PARK SNOW Donovaly resort is no exception this year. Following the pattern of several centres abroad, but seen already in Slovakia, from this year's 2017/2018 ski season, every visitor will have the opportunity to buy a ski ticket from the comfort of their home before travelling to the resort. There are several advantages in addition to saving time, which, instead of standing in front of the ticket office, can be used for skiing straight after the ski lifts start operating; it is certainly the biggest benefit of online ski pass sales, and, you save money at the same time.


How to do it? The prerequisite to purchasing your Donovaly ski passes directly through your computer or mobile phone is have a chip card at home. It does not matter whether you stayed at home following a summer visit, used a cable car, a toboggan track or a skiing trip last year in Donovaly, or even in Austria or another resort in Slovakia using the SKIDATA system. So long as you know the number code that is usually printed on the back of a chip card, you can "charge" your ski pass via the internet for every such smart card. Then, all you need do is register on the skipas.parksnow.sk website, fill in your personal details and the chip card number and from that moment you can even make savings when buying ski passes for Donovaly. At each purchase you earn points that can either be deducted in the form of a discount or collected until you have enough so your ski pass will be free of charge. One euro = one point. Each point is worth 5 cents. So, for example, when you buy an adult 7-hour ski pass for € 30 in high season, you get 30 points, which you can use as a € 1.50 discount in the future. You can easily pay for the rest via your payment card or internet banking through a secured payment on the resort's website.bu v hlavnej sezóne získate 30 bodov, ktoré si pri kúpe lyžiarskeho lístka v budúcnosti môžete uplatniť vo forme zľavy v hodnote 1,50€. Zvyšok pohodlne doplatíte prostredníctvom svojej platobnej karty alebo interntbankingu cez zabezpečenú platobnú bránu na webovej stránke strediska.

Which ski tickets can be purchased via the internet? Every type of ski passes offered by the resort. From a 3-hour to a full-season ski pass, both for adults and children or juniors. Similarly, ISIC, ITIC and EURO26 card holders will be able to buy ski passes directly over the internet; verification of your card’s validity is done via secure connection to a database of the card issuer.

The entire process of selling ski passes in the coming season is even faster and more efficient in that it will no longer be necessary to produce a photo of the ski pass holder for multi-day ski passes at the ticket office. This does not mean that ski passes are now transferrable, but modern technology in the new cable car turnstiles and other most used lifts in the resort take care of the process themselves. Apart from the fact that when pass through such a turnstile the first time you activate a purchased ski pass on your chip card, these turnstiles can also see if the ski pass is used only by the person who actually bought it at the ticket office or via the internet.

More detailed information about online ski pass sales as well as general business conditions can be found at skipas.parksnow.sk.