• Photopoint Nová hoľa

What can definitely not be missing after a great day spent at PARK SNOW Donovaly? Exactly, a photo with your nearest and dearest! Send greetings to family, friends or acquaintances, say hello to them easily Facebook or Instagram. How to do it? Take the cable car to Nová hoľa, where you will see a new device directly opposite the top station. No, it's not a radar or a weather station, it's a box equipped with a high-quality camera and a contactless reader. Place the chip card with your ski pass or return ticket to the chair lift on the reader at the location indicated and move within 10 seconds to your seat, smile and wait for the flash. The photo of the Low Tatras in the background is done. Within a few minutes, you can easily find it in the Skiline mobile application or on the www.skiline.cc site along with the statistics of how many miles you've been skiing. Not satisfied with the photo? Never mind, take a photo again and again ... :-)
To quickly register and download a photo and find out how many miles you have skied, enter the ski pass number on this page: https://www.skiline.cc/ticket/donovaly