If you wish to use your own laptop, mobile or PDA to access the internet you can use
Wi-Fi in the Pod Magurou part of Donovaly :

  • Hotel Galileo**** (free WIFI)
  • RESIDENCE Hotel**** (free WIFI)
  • WELLNESS Hotel Šport*** (free WIFI)
  • RZ MV SR Smrekovec (free WIFI)
  • Penzión DAMiSport*** (free WIFI)
  • Penzión Villa Gloria*** (free WIFI)
  • Penzión Limba*** (free WIFI)
  • Penzión Vodár** (free WIFI)
  • Penzion Zornicka** (free WIFI)
  • Penzión - Chata Javorina* (free WIFI)
  • Penzión U Marsa* (free WIFI)
  • Chata pod Magurou, ACR app (free WIFI)
  • AD Almet (free WIFI)
  • AD Fun Aréna - Apartmánfree WIFI 
  • AD Kamzík (free WIFI)
  • AD Panorama 54-B (free WIFI)
  • AD Spiežovec (free WIFI)
  • AD Šafrán - Apartmány Bea (35, 38) (free WIFI)
  • AD Tatran (free WIFI)
  • Family apartments (free WIFI)
  • Patty XL (free WIFI)
  • Villa GARDENIA (free WIFI)
  • Vila Silvia (free WIFI)
  • Prázdninové domy Raček (free WIFI)
  • Prázdninový dom MAAT (free WIFI)
  • Prázdninový dom Hanka a Danka (free WIFI)
  • Dodo Bistro (free WIFI)
  • Koliba Goral (free WIFI)
  • Husky Bar (free WIFI)
  • Fun Arena (free WIFI)
  • Infocentrum (free WIFI)
  • Fun Stodola (free WIFI)

The number of “hot spots” will be increased in the near future in more areas of Donovaly.

Info link: 048 / 419 9900,
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